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Hi Aspiring Plant Pet Owners and thanks for stopping by.

“I think I killed Alejandro,” I read a distraught message from my friend in the middle of last year. There was a photo of his body, which had turned yellow in death. Luckily, Alejandro wasn’t a person or even an animal. He was her pet cactus.

So in the middle of last summer, inspired by Alejandro’s death, and in attempt to prevent many more the idea of Plant Pet Club was borne. I have heard too often from enthusiastic beginners things like ‘I know nothing about plants’, ‘How often do I water it?’, ‘I can never keep a plant alive’. And something had to change…

My name is Anna and I’m a founder of Plant Pet Club. So glad you are here! I am a huge plant collector and keen to share with anyone and everyone my passion for plants.

Plant Pet Club - Houseplants for beginners and busy people

I love plants for few simple reasons:

  • Plants make me happy. Plain and simple, this is the number one reasons why I love plants. They make me happy.
  • I could bore you with how photosynthesis works, but all of the plants in my house are like a little micro-ecosystem. I give them C02 and they give me oxygen.
  • Plants make my home look like a home. If you removed all of the plants from my house, it would just look bare. Plants are the sign of love and life and I think that’s why I have so many.

Plant Pet Club is indoor plant subscription box and Jungle Bundles for absolute beginners and busy people, who would love to get into planting but are overwhelmed by the volume of information out there or have not time to surf net to get a straightforward answer to a seemingly simple question like ‘ how often do I water this plant’.

One healthy hardy plant a month delivered to your door with care card and occasional tools and extras to make sure you have everything you need for plants to thrive. And for those seeking instant gratification without too much research we offer a great Jungle Bundles. You name it, we have it: Air-Purifying, Low-Light, Pet-Friendly or an Ultimate Starter Kit!

My aspiration is to introduce you to a new enjoyable hobby, new circle of friends and tongue twisting Latin names.  And If people ever ask you what you're into on a job interview or something, you'll feel pleased to have an automatic answer😊

My core philosophy is to select plants that are unique and different, so not every month will feature the same varieties. We source only the best plants from the current season and due to this our boxes constantly changing. So you get variety every single time and no two plants are ever the same.

To sum up, if you’re determined to transform yourself into a green-fingered pro or simply surround yourself with more plants, then subscribing to one of our plant boxes is a sure-fire way to get off to a flying start. Whether you’re simply after a low maintenance plant for your office or an introduction to more exotic plants to nurture and grow on your windowsill, there really is something for everyone.

Many thanks