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Hoya Wayetti Tricolour

Hoya Wayetti Tricolour

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Hoya wayetti tricolour is an unusual Hoya with thick, narrow leaves with a dark margin that turn red in bright light. Flowers are scented,  small dark red clusters. Hoya, the wax plant, is a popular houseplant grown for its attractive glossy foliage, and sweetly scented flesh coloured flowers so exactly resembling wax, that you might almost make it into candles. It is mesmerising not only because of its fragrance and waxy appearance but also because of the fact that each flower looks like a five-pointed star and the cluster of flowers also arranges itself in a star shape. 

LIGHT: it likes bright, indirect light. Do not place it in a bright window with unfiltered light, the leaves will bleach yellow and fall off; keep away from dark corners too.

WATER: Only water Hoya when the soil is dry, this can be weeks or months at a time. Less is more when it comes to your Hoya , avoid overwatering 


Size: comes in 14 cm growing pot, 40-50 cm long.