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Ultimate Houseplant Starter Kit

Ultimate Plant Starter Kit

So, you’ve made the smart decision to bring some plants into your life. Congratulations! It only gets better from here. Get an easy-care indoor plant starter kit here.

We totally understand it can be scary buying houseplants when you hear so many horror stories from friends that have killed everything they ever owned! But researching and reading alone will never make you a plant pro, the only way to understand how to keep indoor plants alive and thriving is to practice with actual plants!

Knowing a thing or two about plants we have created this houseplant starter kit of 3 of the easiest (but still beautiful) houseplants, plus the tools and advice to keep them thriving for years to come.

It’s time to take that green leap and get into the highly addictive but gratifying hobby of owning indoor plants!

The 3 plants we have selected are among the easiest to care for, require minimal light and are extremely forgiving.

    • Pothos – possibly the most popular trailing plant because they have stunning variegation on their leaves, are fast-growing and can handle low light and a bit of neglect.
    • Snake Plant / Sansevieria – We actually have never heard of anyone killing this guy. Seriously! They grow in next to no light, require hardly any water and are pretty happy to cruise along and take a bit of a battering.
    • ZZ Plant /Zamioculcas zamiifolia – This fleshy fern-like plant has glossy leaflets that zigzag out from the stout central stem. It has a distinctly upright habit, so is great if you want foliage that wont take up too much space.
    • Simple yet stylish pots to keep your plants snug
    • Enough fertiliser to kick-start their growth and keep them thriving for years to come
    • And a simple but foolproof instruction guide to give you the confidence and tips you need to care for your new Plant Pets.

    The whole kit delivered to your home for free.

    The key to keeping these 3 houseplants alive is just to admire them but not touch for 6 out of 7 days of the week. And on the 7th see whether they need watering. Literally, look but don’t touch!

    Really truly that is the key to success. Simple huh?! MOST plant deaths are caused by too much love by way of overwatering, moving the plant around every 3 seconds or not watering it for weeks at a time.

    We promise even the blackest of thumbs can grow these 3 low maintenance plants IF you follow our simple plant care steps of look, check, and give a little love.

    Feeling like you’re finally ready to dive into the wonderful world of indoor plants? Then head here to grab your very own foolproof houseplant starter kit.


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    • I got one of these starter kits for a Mother’s Day gift from my children and I’m must say I am extremely happy with them.
      The delivery person was polite and made sure the box was not damaged before leaving.
      Thank you also for the care guide I’m sure I’ll refer to it for months to come.


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