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How to lower humidity in your house?

Do you wake up to wet windows every morning?

High humidity in the house isn’t just an inconvenience! Regular condensation on your windows, walls and elsewhere could be detrimental to your health and your home.

We recommend 3 groups of plants to help to lower the humidity of your home.

orchid air plant

  • Epiphytes, also called air plant, family. These plants do not require soil (although you might buy it in a pot!). They’re very resilient and practically indestructible. These plants can absorb moisture from the air and even go as far as absorbing water that drops on their leaves. We would recommend : Tillandsia, Bromeliads and Orchids. This group of plants are pet-friendly too, so pet owners make a note!

  • Cacti and succulents: these tough guys thrive in desert and used to catching and keeping water from the air, which will reduce humidity.

    • Humidly loving air-purifiers like Peace Lily, Boston Fern and Spider Plants. They will draw not only moisture, but toxins from the air, helping to reduce grown of harmful bacteria and moulds.

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