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Houseplant Care 101 - Light

Light! - This is the most common reason of houseplant death! 

Looking after a Plant Pet is easy peasy! Well, it can be if you have a few simple houseplant care tips up your sleeve. To help you out, we offer the hacks you need to know to care for your Plants Pets like a pro!

So, all our Plant Pets have an easy ‘light intensity’ label to let you know just how much of the bright stuff your plant needs.

To understand it (and for fun😝) pretend you are a plant on a bright midday... (any plant, don’t take too much time to decide, this is not the point!)

So, you are a plant 🌱 

If you can see, the sun from chosen location it’s ☀️Bright Light☀️Most houseplants do not like full sun, and many will become very damaged when they receive too much direct light. The only plants that enjoy summer sun is cacti; some succulents can tolerate it.

If you can see sky and lots of it, but not sun, it’s 🌤Indirect Light or Partial Light/Shade🌤This is the lighting requirement for most plants, pretty much all plants will thrive here! Mark it as a sweet spot!

If you can see from chosen location only a little bit of sky or nothing, but good old neighbour’s semi, it’s ☁️Low Light ☁️ Most plants do not grow at their best in shaded or low light conditions. However, some species survive and thrive in low light! Check out our Low–Light Jungle Bundle, if you got the short end of south facing windows stick.

As we said, it was not the point, but what plant were you🤣?Houseplant light requirements

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