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Pinguicula x 'Tina' - Natural Gnat Catcher!
Pinguicula x 'Tina' - Natural Gnat Catcher!

Pinguicula x 'Tina' - Natural Gnat Catcher!

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Every responsible plant parent needs this plant! A natural catcher of fruit flies and gnats!!! Free your plants of these annoying pets!

This very attractive carnivorous plant covered in gentle lilac flowers. This sweet and innocent appeal lures, traps, and digests the prey, mostly smaller flies, which are attracted by the shine and scent of the catching organs (leaves). Once they have settled, there is no escape. They stick firmly and for good! This plant is famous for being vigorous, easy to grow and for making many beautiful flowers. Can quickly grow over 15 cm of diameter !

LIGHT: it will thrive in bright indirect light, no direct sun please!

WATER: Keep wet in summer and moist in winter to prevent sticky juice from drying out. Plant prefers distilled water!

SIZE: comes in 9 cm nursery pot, 10 cm high