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Dumb Cane - Dieffenbachia Green Magic

Dumb Cane - Dieffenbachia Green Magic

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This bold and confident Dieffenbachia Green Magic brings grace and style to your indoor décor. A prominent white stripe divides the deep green leaves creating a simple, beautiful statement. This vibrant, tropical, and easy-to-care-for plant will adapt to different environments and require little attention from you.

LIGHT: It will do well in low light, but prefer more light. In either case, the plants will live and thrive, but in lower light the growth might slow down. 

WATER: Overwatering this or any houseplant should be avoided. Although these plants don’t like to dry out completely, it’s important that they never sit in standing water. Conversely, the plant will also suffer if the soil becomes too dry. The goal is to keep the soil slightly moist without overwatering.

SIZE: comes in 12 cm nursery pot, 40 cm high.