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Pet-Friendly Jungle Bundle
Pet-Friendly Jungle Bundle

Pet-Friendly Jungle Bundle

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If you think your pets are holding you back from owning the beautiful houseplants of your dreams, we are here to tell you: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Our Pet-Friendly Jungle Bundle offers 5 beautiful plants in stylish pots to fit any interior.

It's natural to worry that having plants might harm your pets since there are so many poisonous ones out there, but fear not! Our Pet-Friendly Jungle Bundle won't harm your curious critters if they take a little nibble. Of course, ingesting any plant material could still give them an upset stomach, so keep an eye on them like the good pet parent you are and make sure they're not chowin' down on an entire plant for dinner.

What's included

  1. 5 Pet-Friendly Houseplants in 12 cm pots.
  2. 5 stylish ceramic pots
  3. Care cards
  4. Lots of joy!